Welcome to Nicolas El Osta Web site.

About Me

Born in Zahle, Bekaa on 03-12-1966, Nicolas El Osta is married to Mirna Gerges Khalil who is originally from Sarba, Keserwan, they have 2 daughters Sarah and Maria. He finished his high school studies in Zahle and was in the Lebanese Scouts association before heading to college where he graduated with a University License in Musicology at USEK (Université Saint-Esprit Kaslik) in 1991.

Awards And Honours

- Highly valued in the program of “Nadi al Nawadi” on LBC in 1987.

- Won the golden medal with distinction and special recognition in the program of “Studio el Fann” in 1988.

- Awarded as “The Star of Festivals” from “Radio Mont Liban” in 1994 and 1995.

- Held more than 60 titles in Lebanon and other countries.

- Gained a personal mention from the Lebanese President “Elias el Hrawi” in a TV interview.

- Selected to present a concert as a donation to the “Hospital of the Heart” for the Lebanese Community in Canada.

- Selected to represent his country Lebanon in more than 20 concerts with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.


- Participated in many plays with leading roles in his city Zahle and all across Lebanon.

- Renewed the songs “Sabbahna” and “Fajr el eid” originally sang by “Zaki Nassif”.

- Performed in more than 40 concerts in Canada, America, Australia, Sweden, Brazil and the nearby countries.

- Member of the Lebanese “Singers Association Council” and a close adviser.

- Over 100 songs distributed between romantic, patriotic, pop and sentimental, with many of them made with his own music, such as “farfeh w ghanni”, “ya nom el 3en”, “Sarah”, “ma berda”, “sabaya bladi”, “amali el wahid”…

- Founded a production company under the name “Melodia Production” in 2002.

- Contributed in singing for the Arabic leaders and police convention in 2006.

- Over 40 religious chants distributed between 3 albums.

- Performance teaching with technical exercises in “Vocalise” on how to breathe and use your voice correctly and prevention in general.

- Shot over 8 video clips with more than 5 directors.

- Performed in “Ehden” Festival in honour of the martyrs of the Lebanese Army.

- Participated in a ceremony honouring of “Zaki Nassif” by an invitation from Louayze University in 2009, and many religious recitals.

- Renewed the song “zahle ya dar el salam” as a loyal gesture for his beloved city Zahle and its loving people, and released an album under the name “Zahle bl Bal” in honour of the city of Zahle with the contribution of young guys in Ottawa-Canada as a donation for charitable activities to the needy people in Zahle.

- Participated in the Summer Festivals in 2009 which included: International festival of Anjar, Dar3oun festival, Baabda festival, Nahr Ibrahim festival, Mayrouba festival, Wadi Chahrour festival and many more.

- Performed in many concerts outside of Lebanon such as: San Diego and Phoenix-Arizona in the USA in 2011, New Year concert for Zahle in Ottawa and Toronto-Canada in 2011 and 2012, Boston and Colorado-USA in 2012, Windsor-Canada in 2012, New Year 2013 in the state of Georgia.